Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's done...well, the hooking is!

Yippee! I finished hooking this morning and my rug is done.  I am not sure how I want to finish the edges yet, but that is a dilemma for another day.

Here is a better picture of it!

Of course, I am already preparing for the next one.  I am planning on making the Antique Santa and Reindeer from the Star Rug Company.  I also contacted Marita at the Merry Hooker Woolens, because she has hooked this rug and I really liked her background color.  I found out that it is the her tea stained textures, which is what I used on the aprons and eagles of this rug.  I ordered some more (and a few other colors...) and the package arrived the other day.  Everything was wrapped up so nicely, I have not had the heart to untie and spread them all out.

 Unfortunately, before I can start on any more rugs, I have to unload 140 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  Anyone want some?


And, I have to take poor Pumpkin back to the vet.  She has had some itching issues and the meds do not seem to work. 
Poor thing has been in a comfy cone since Saturday!  She has been unable to fit through the mini door to access the cat food.  Needless to say, Twinkle is happy about that!

Have a good day!