Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Now that pneumonia and a trip to Disney have past, I finally got to decorating for Christmas this weekend. My mom bought this fellow for me a couple of years ago at Ohio Mart at Stan Hywet in Akron.  I actually have several of this artist's gourds and I love them all.  This guy is on my dining room hutch.

Here is another one that sits on my keeping room mantle.

This is our Advent calendar, which I have had for many years.  It is hand painted from The Shaker Workshop and is missing December 24, but has two December 22nds!  I did not notice until I had it for a year and was too lazy to exchange it.

My favorite decorations are my Vaillancourt Santas.  The one in front was my first one that I received in 1996. 

I also have a few other chalk ware holiday folk  - the two angels are my two girls and the Santa was made by an artist from New Jersey.

I also love this Vaillancourt Nativity that was a gift from my Mom.  The angel is a little unsteady on top, so most of the time I do not have her on the roof.  Her foot broke twice the first week I had her and my mom sent me a new one.  The painted details are quite lovely on each piece.

This is a poor photo, but I love this Toy Shop, which was a gift from my mother-in-law many years ago.  Santa is sneaking amongst the toys and it has a music box which plays Jingle Bells!  The girls like to wind it up and play the song over and over again.

This is a Pere Noel made by local artist Brigitte Gottfried.  She uses vintage fabrics and recycled fur trim.  This one's jacket is made from and antique crazy quilt.  One year I bought four of them and gave one to my mom, sister and mother-in-law.  I kept this one for myself!

Of course, my favorite of all is my Christmas Tree.  We always get it on my daughter's birthday weekend and I love to decorate it.  (The tree skirt was also made by Brigitte Gottfried)  I have a set of Vaillancourt's Twelve Days of Christmas Santa ornaments and I make sure they are each tied to their branch, so that there are no accidents!  The girls and I have a lot of fun together, until they get bored and leave the dull ornaments for me to hang... 

I love to look at other people's decorations, so I hope you enjoyed seeing some of mine.  Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Snow - 11-11-11

We woke this morning to a blanket of snow.  I was so excited to see that white stuff!  Now that most of the leaves have fallen in NE Ohio, the scenery was looking a little bland.  This morning's dusting was a welcome change.  I look forward to fires in the fireplace, wool sweaters, mittens and hot chocolate.

I filled up the bird feeders last week and the birdies have rediscovered them.  They are so fun to watch!  Some critter has been doing its best to eat all of my pumpkins and it is fun to see each morning the progress.  The picture above is his third one!

My middle-schooler is finally turning a corner after being home for two weeks with pneumonia.  Yesterday was the first day since October 29 that she was fever free.  The cough is still pretty painful, but I know that she is on the road to recovery.  While she has been home, I have not had much time to hook, but an halfway done whipping my Brave Hunter and I finished binding the Santa.  Next on my list is to get my X-mas shopping done before I start the next rug...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween, Hooking, and Hacking coughs

Halloween has come and gone, but I wanted to post this picture of my Halloween feather tree and chalkware ornaments.  I got this several years ago from Primitive Keepings in Medina.  I just love putting it out each year.
I also love this gourd scarecrow.  I have several other pumpkin gourds, but this one is my favorite and he will stay out until I decorate for Christmas!

My oldest daughter has been sick since Saturday and I have been at home taking care of her. We went to the doctor on Monday, but had to go back yesterday. They took a chest x-ray and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. :( I am hoping the new antibiotics get her better soon - I have never seen her so sick.

  So...this week I am working on painting the floors of my back hall and stairs.  All of the wood floors in the house are painted this color, which is actually a lot darker than it appears in this photo.
My other project this week is to FINALLY finish the edge of my Santa rug (Twinkle is ready to lie on it if I do not get it off the floor...).  I vowed that I would not start a new rug until I finish this one and bind my Brave Hunter.  I am using a technique that Cynthia Norwood taught me in August. I am just horrible about finishing.   Kris Miller from Spruce Ridge Studios has a new book on finishing, but she sold out at the biennial.  She should be getting more next week and I am on the list to get one!
Here is Trucker in front of the mess left over from finishing Brave Hunter...

Off to go check on my baby...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Things that make me MELT!

Behold the delectable Westside Monte Cristo at Melt Bar & Grilled in Independence, OH.  It is the mecca for decadent grilled cheese sandwiches.  This ooey gooey tower of deliciousness was my birthday treat.  Of course, my eyes were larger than my stomach and I barely ate half of it.  The rest is chilling in the fridge waiting for lunch.
Here I am attempting the first bite!

Spent the rest of the day revising and re-hooking the flowers in my Brave Hunter rug.  When I laid the rug on the floor, the flowers were too yellow, so I am re-doing several of them.

I ended the day with one of my pups asleep on my lap.  Not the best photo, but you get the picture.  He really makes me melt!  I just love his smooshy face...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brave Hunter- DONE! (Well...not the border...)

Yippee!  I am finished, sort of...
I am going to do a two row border of the "Moose" wool and then whip it with yarn.  The colors are more muted in real life and I am pretty happy with it. 

This is the coverlet I purchased last week - a little gift to me from me.  I seem to be obsessed with textiles lately.  This is my fourth coverlet this year...

Back to hooking!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reunited with my first love: Simon LeBon

OK, I'll admit that when I was 12, I was in love with Simon LeBon from Duran Duran.  I thought that he was dreamy and...thirty years later, I still do.  While my musical taste has diversified over the years, I have remained loyal to my first love.  My daughter shares my itunes account and therefore has access to all my music.  Over the years, she has added the DD songs to her ipod and become a fan as well.  When she heard that they were coming to Cleveland, she begged me relentlessly to get us tickets.  Here she is, last Wednesday night waiting to get into the concert.  I made her the t-shirt and she is wearing my old Duran Duran pins.  Doesn't she look cute?

 Here is Simon - not bad after all these years and his voice was fabulous!  We had such a great time at the concert!  I felt like I was 12 again and screamed/sang all night long... 
In fact, I thought that the band did such a good job that I convinced my sister and mom to go see them tonight at Madison Square Garden. I am a more than a bit jealous, but it is time to come back to reality...

Finally, now that field hockey season, a trip to Europe and general back to school chaos has died down, I was able to do some hooking.  Almost done!!!!

Last week, I treated myself with an antiquing trip to Seville, OH.  I bought  a great coverlet that I will post photos of later.  I also saw some neat old rugs:
Would have bought this one if it has been in my budget.

Love the crazy colors on this pig!

Now, off to do some Halloween costume shopping!

Friday, August 19, 2011

More from Sauder Village

Here are some of my favorites from this year's show:

Love the sheep and hooks!
 A Kris Miller (Spruce Ridge Studios) design

Love this Indian!

This Moby Dick pattern from the Woolley Fox is on my to-do list.

Another Woolley Fox design. 

On Lauren's blog (Rugs and Pugs), she has many great pictures from the Patty Yoder "Sheep Rug" exhibit. Here are a few of my favorites:

More exhibit rugs:

 These two are also Kris Miller's patterns.

WOW!  What a great show!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sauder Village - Magdalena Briner Eby Exhibit

On my way to one day class at Cynthia Norwood's house, but here is a quick post of the rugs at the show yesterday.  More pics to come...  If you can make it to Archbold, Ohio - it is well worth the drive!