Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Planning...and re-planning and re-planning, etc.

This is my latest project.  The pattern is by Tonya Benson Robey of Mad Hen Primitives.  I love her patterns and have several of them.  I am really excited about this rug, but the color planning has driven me crazy.  I keep finding different wool and changing my mind.  There are almost too many elements and colors to organize for my small brain! 

I love the background wool (seen around the vines) - it is a lovely plaid that I got from Prim and Proper Stitches.  I also like the two blues I am using on the dress.

This final pic is of Pumpkin playing Queen of the Snow Mound yesterday.  She has a brand new tennis ball in her mouth and refused to reliquish it all morning!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kitchen Completion!...well almost.

Finally! We are nearing the end of our kitchen renovation. This is the new cupboard we had built. It hides my microwave, coffee maker and toaster.  I can not say enough nice things about Willmott Construction. They are fabulous! The only thing left is painting, which we are slowly chipping away at... This wall is done!

This rug is perfect here!

This is my new laundry sink - The primer coat is on, but I still need to paint in here.