Saturday, June 26, 2010

Old Rugs, Woolfest & Cute Pups

Been a bit delinquent with my posts...summer chaos has kicked in and I am finding myself taxiing the kids around.  So, here is the update-  In early June, we made a trip to Vermont and I was excited to re-visit the Shelburne Museum to see all of their fabulous hooked rugs.  I was very disappointed to find out that the hooked rug collection was off-exhibit this year.  They did have a few rugs here and there that I took photos of, and I will just have to make another trip next summer!  This cute elephant rug was in the Circus building.

I loved this stair runner.  If I hooked anything this large, I probably would not let anyone walk on it!  It was made in 1934 by Mildred O'Neil and it depicts different events from her life.  A very neat idea, but way beyond my ability at this point!

Right before our trip to Vermont, I purchased an old rug at an antique show.  Although I am not generally drawn to geometric designs, I really love this rug.  The colors are fabulous and I love the fact that it is not symmetrical and the hooker used what she had on hand.  It needs a lot of repairwork, and a good cleaning.  I am going to wait until winter and try the snow method.  Here it is :

The colors are bit bolder in real-life.

In other news, this weekend, my guild is co-hosting Woolfest at Lake FarmPark in Kirtland, OH.  As I was packing the car, Cutter jumped in the back and would not get out.  I think he wanted to come to Woolfest!  He would have liked all the sheep, goats, alpacas, etc...
I was up there for several hours demonstrating rug hooking and shopping for wool!  It was a lot of fun and I got to catch up with my friend Jane.  I did not get a lot done on my Santa rug, but I got many compliments on it! :)  I forgot to pack my camera and do not have photos to post of the rug show.  There were so many beautiful rugs made by talented artisans.  They really inspired me!

And, now I am off to tend to my little one who has strep throat...never a dull moment!