Sunday, February 12, 2012

Re-arranging my office/hooking room

I am a lucky girl.  I have a great room that is all mine.  Of course, it is the favorite hang-out spot for the kitties and oftentimes, my daughters.  Last week, I pulled up the carpet, removed all the tack strips and staples, and put a fresh coat of paint on the floor.  I have ordered a large braided rug from Pine Tree Barn and will be recovering the upholstered pieces in the coming weeks.  In the process, I ended up completely re-arranging the furniture and love it! My desk used to be on the opposite side of the room and partially blocked the larger window.  This new arrangment works so much better.
I now have better natural light to hook and a cozy spot for the kitties.  As you can see from this photo, Trucker and Twinkle are pretty happy with it!

Isn't he handsome?  I am in love...


  1. Liz ~
    Great hooking room!
    Happy hooking :)

  2. *****you should be putting your skills to hooking something for the floor! i have some
    ideas...will have to do some thinking and
    sketching. i'll be in touch!

    1. Thank you- my only concern for things on the floor is that both kitties have claws and seem to love to pull at anything on the floor. I'm still a little gun shy but I know I need to get over it... :)

  3. Your rug looks great on the wall there. I will soon be painting a wood floor. Tell me how you did it.

  4. Yes, I love that running horse hooked rug!

  5. I think the new arrangement in your office room is great! Even your cats love it, too! Doing new arrangement for your office is a good move. It can make your work less stressful and more conducive to productivity as you become more comfortable with your surroundings in your office.

  6. Kudos for ensuring ample light in your hooking room and cheers for a successful re-arrangement project.

  7. Liz - It's been a year since you last posted to your blog - sure do miss reading and seeing your pictures - hope all is well!