Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

The first true sign of Spring in Northeast Ohio is the mud.  Here is Pumpkin after a few minutes outside this morning.  I do not have the same issue with Cutter because he hates to get his paws wet.  He actually resorted to pooping on the driveway the other day rather than step in puddles...Thanks, buddy.

Pumpkin is on the hunt for baby bunnies.  The past two tears, a not so intelligent momma bunny has nested on our patio.  Last year, we tried to move the nest once Pumpkin discovered it, but it was too late...

I loathe the thaw and muddy paw prints all over my house, but when the daffodils bloom, my mood brightens.
Unfortunately, the Lilies of the Valley have decided that they are no longer content with staying in the beds, and are now coming up THROUGH my driveway. UGH!
We have had quite a few strong wind/rainstorms, and we lost a large tree just beyond the fence.  It came down on the remains of the old barn. :(  That will be fun to clean up.
At least, the mornings are a little easier with the warmer weather and extended daylight.  My girl look pretty chipper for 7am!
Hopefully, I will get back to more hooking today, I worked on the Indian in my Brave Hunter rug.  Kris Miller had the great idea of using this striped wool for his pants.  I think that I really like how it looks, but may have to switch out a few of the stripes depending how the colors of the rest of the rug work out.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Ohio Rug Camp

The rest of my pictures- better late than never. Here I am with Kris Miller from Spruce Ridge Studios. The wild coincidence is that she actually made my jacket years ago when she was working for a local designer. She said that working on these handmade jackets was the first time she encountered overdyed wool...the rest is history! I just happen to wear it to camp that day, not knowing of the connection at all.
Here is my rug - so far. I absolutely love it and I could not be happier with how it is turning out. I think it may be my favorite to date!  This is Brave Hunter from the Woolley Fox.
 Next are a few of the rugs from the Rug Show.  I am having some challenges with my new photo software and will post more once I figure out how to get the rest straight!
 I really love the background on this rug.
 Look at all the roosters!  They look like paisley from afar.
 I love this leaf and how the wool hooked up.

 This is Carrie Martin's rug and I have this pattern that I purchased from her last year.  I have yet to start it, but I really like it.  She now has an Herbs rug, and a Coffee rug that are similar designs.
Patti did this Karen Kahle rug and I think it came out beautifully.

More to come later!

Ohio Rug Camp pictures - finally!

I have been more than a little slow in getting these photos uploaded.  My computer died and I have finally got my new one up and running!  Here are a few photos of my classmates' work at Rug Camp.  Our teacher was Kris Miller of Sprunce Ridge Studios.  She was a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her!
Joy was working on this great rug - I love the way she was making the barn door look so realistic .

 Shirley is hooking one of Kris' designs, Emma's Garden.  Kris used Shirley's rug to show us how to proddy the flower petals.
 Patti was using some of the new techniques on her rug, including quilling and a very cool way to make an eye.
 I love this St. Nick pattern!
 Melissa was using some really fun colors for her rug.
 I love Patti's rug!  The Pigrim and Turkey are very cute.  I may have to do this one in the future.
 Here's Peg working on a pattern she designed.
 Ginny is working on another of Kris' designs.  The Blue background included in this kit is to die for!
Andrea chose her chicken colors based on a photograph of her own chickens.  My favorite is the third one.  More cool realistic eyes!

Pam's colors are very much like mine.  I love the house windows!

I love the gorgeous red in this rug!

Anndee was working on another Spruce Ridge Studios rug - love the eggs! She also used Kris' realistic eye technique.

In my next post, I will add my favorite rugs from the Rug Show at Camp.