Friday, June 17, 2011

Note to self: inhaling wool dust can be harmful to your health

The girls and I are getting ready to leave the hubby for a few days and visit my 89 year old grandmother in Texas.  Her mind is sharp, but her body is weary, so we will probably be spending a fair amount of time inside her home.  I thought that it would be a great idea to bring some hooking, so I am bringing my "Sheepish" mat kit from Spruce Ridge Studios rather than lug my big rug.  In anticipation, I have been cutting my wool and putting it into labeled baggies.  My brilliant (or no so brilliant) idea was to be a human vacuum sealer and suck out the excess air in the baggies, so that the wool would take up the least amount of room in my luggage....BAD idea!  I choked on wool dust and had a "fuzzy" feeling in my mouth for about an hour.

I should have known better, but as my mouse pad says :

But at least Trucker kept me company and demonstrated that kitties do know how to do the backstroke!
(note the wool snippets all over the carpet)

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Does this sunbeam make my butt look fat?

Twinkle will begin this post with the eternal question about her butt...I told her that she looks great.  What do you think?  From one girl with a little junk in her trunk to another: you look as good as you feel!

This week I was focused on end of the school year activities and a little bit of gardening.  I moved eight hostas from in front of the garage and put hem on the side of the garage where they would be better shaded.

I replaced them with some alyssum and Victoria blue salvia.

  Eventually, I want to move my peonies here, but they are currently blooming and I will not disturb them.
I am also re-working the bed in front of my driveway.  It is full of mums, which look pretty in the fall, but I loathe the rest of the year.  I have added a Siberian Iris, Bee Balm, A Butterfly Bush, and some Irish moss.  The broad leafed plant growing in the center are pumpkins that reseeded themselves.

Here is my girl with one of her buddies after a sleepover - the first of many this summer.  Don't they look perky for having stayed up late?!

In other news, we will soon have some babies at the farmhouse.  A barn swallow couple has decided to build a nest in our breezeway.  The only problem is that they are dive bombing us every time we go out the door.  Andrea from That'll Do Farm warned me that I would be sorry if I did not take down the nest, but...I just couldn't do it.  Stay tuned for my regrets later this month...

Off to do some more planting and  perhaps mow the lawn.  Happy Sunday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wool, Glorious Wool!

I purchased two sets of  4 wire crates at Bed Bath & Beyond and replaced the old shelving in my wool closet.  I had a lot of fun trying to sort by color and was relatively successful and had all the wool put away until... I found another whole pile that I had forgotten about.  Rather than pull everything out and re-sort, I took the lazy route and just crammed it in. Voila!

Of course, the true highlight of my woolly week was the wool sale at Cynthia Norwood's home.  After our Guild luncheon , we were invited to go into Cynthia's stash and buy wool.  She is getting ready to move back to Texas and needed to purge a bit.  It was wonderful - I could have stayed for days! that my wool is "organized" ( a term I will use very loosely), perhaps I have some room for more...  I know that if I work at it hard enough, I will be able to justify more wool purchasing.

School is finally almost over.  We are in the home stretch: Band Concert- done, Strings Concert - done, Spring Musical - done, Art Project Installation - done, Field Day - done...Yippee!