Friday, May 27, 2011

Wool Cat & Stash Chaos Help Needed!

Trucker has acclimated to his new home and has found a favorite hiding spot in my wool stash.  Seeing him here makes me wonder if anyone has any great ideas on organizing their stash?
More of mine....
and more...
and more.  I can never seem to get it organized.  Whenever I color plan, I pull it ALL out and never put it away in an orderly fashion.  Any ideas out there?  I want to have it in the the light so that I can see the colors, but I also want to not have every shelf look like the ones above.

Any input would be appreciated!  

I have to add one last photo of Trucker.  His other favorite spot is under the ottoman next to my desk.  He likes to lie on his back and hang his feet out!  LOVE HIM!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Girls on the Run!

This morning at 6am, we left the house to participate in the Summit County Chapter of Girls on The Run's 5K.  Here are my girlies before the race...
...and here they are after the race!  It poured on us and we got soaking wet! 
My daughter and niece were hamming it up for the camera.
Here I am with my beloved sister-in-law.  We have been through a marathon of our own for the past nine months  with our ill in-laws and I do not know what I would do without her! Love you lots - XOXOX.   I also did not think I could survive a 5K, but I did and am still smiling!  We all got medals to prove it!

In other medal news, my oldest won this medal for scoring the highest in her grade on the National Science Exam!  We are so proud of her!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet Trucker!

Look at this face!  This is the latest addition to the Wigglebottom Farmhouse!  Trucker is six years old and a retired champion British Shorthair.  He is plush and delicious!  He loves to head-butt and purr.  His first momma at Thistlevine British Shorthairs was sad to let him go, but she knows he is going to have a fabulous retirement here! We are so happy to have him! Twinkle has been asking for a friend for the past two years since Pookie died.  Pookie was the king of cats and he has been sorely missed.  Trucker seems to be Pookie's long lost brother and the similarities are uncanny.  (Trucker does not grunt like a pig, but we're ok with that!)

Needless to say, no hooking has happened since the hook-in because I have been busy with our new boy.  Maybe tomorrow...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Western Reserve Rug Hookers - Hook-In

I got to escape reality yesterday and attend the WRRH Hook-In at Lake Farmpark in Kirtland, OH.  I had a great time chatting and hooking!  It was fun to catch up with Jane and Heidi and to meet many nice ladies including Lauren from Rugs and Pugs !  I did not take many pictures, but Heidi took some good ones that are on Mr. Taylor's blog (including one of me at work)!
Unfortunately, I spent so much time chatting and shopping that I did not make much progress on my rug.  I did get the hill finished. Oh well... I'll blame it on the fact that I chose not to bring my floor frame and instead had my old Pittsburgh lap frame (which I hate). Jane let me try out her snazzy frame, which I liked almost as much as my Snapdragon at home!

 The hook-in was well- organized and everyone from our guild brought in baked goods. I was lazy and picked up some cupcakes from Heinen's on Friday night. Even with a note attached, someone in my house "liberated" a cupcake before I had time to leave in the morning!

There was a fabulous Chinese Auction and I was the lucky winner of item #10! It was a basket with several pieces of wool, a penny rug pattern, and a star candle holder.
I got to catch up with Kris Miller from Spruce Ridge Studios and purchased this kit to work on with my 13 year old.  She has been nagging me to teach her how to hook, but I have resisted because I selfishly do not want to share my stash!  This kit also has quilling instructions and should be fun to work on.
I also bought these fat quarters of as is wool from Kris.  I love the stripe!  I think it will make a great pig - the only problem is that I have no patterns with pigs...YET!

I visited the Heavens to Betsy Booth and grabbed a few wools, because as Betsy's husband said to me , "Can you ever have enough wool?" NO!
I purchased this kit from Among Friends.  It is a dog bag.  The only problem is that my kit came without instructions and I have no idea how to make a wool bag...I will add this project to the bottom of the to do list for now, but it is very cute!
Here is Twinkle lying among my mess from the Hook-in.  She loves to play in the wool, just like her momma!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Boat, Two Races, Dog Hair and a New Addition!

Just because the end of the school year is winding down, there is no end to the activity here at the farmhouse.  The Wigglebottoms saw the boat in the driveway and knew that it was "that" time of the year again.  Here is David after successfully launching the boat and parking it at the marina.  We need the 40 degree water to warm up a bit before we start tubing, knee boarding and water skiing.

Every few years, we travel down to Louisville for Derby Weekend.  Churchill Downs is a fabulous place for people watching.  The hats, dresses and ties are all really fun. The ladies and I all purchased "fascinators" from the Churchill Downs Store.  (Needless to say, my teenager has already incorporated mine into the abyss we call her closet and worn it to school.)  My luck was lousy this year and I seemed to have a knack for picking the fourth place horse each time.  Oh well... We had plenty of "Lilly's" and Mint Juleps to ease the pain of our losses.
The other race coming up in our lives is the "Girls On the Run" 5K.  Our daughter participated in this program last Fall and signed up for it again this Spring.  This photo was taken after their first practice 5K last week.  I have promised her that I will run it with her this year. is only a few weeks away and I am NOT ready!
I had to include this self-portrait taken after having snuggled with the dogs.  For anyone considering adding a Clumber Spaniel to their lives- BEWARE!  You will never be able to wear black again!
And, lastly, if I did not have enough pet hair in my house....we are welcoming a new furbaby into our house next week.  He is six years old and obviously has problems getting along with dogs (lol).  Twinkle is thrilled to have a new friend to share sunbeams and catnip with!   We are very excited to welcome him into our home!!!!  Stay tuned for more pics once he arrives.

Have a great day!